Adoption Marketing and Network Scaling

The initial Treasury allocation is intended to support various ways to increase player adoption through activities such as marketing, development and strategic partnerships that strengthen the player ecosystem. The initial Treasury funds will be distributed over a 5 year period and a yearly overview of where these funds are allocated will be provided as we transition to DAO governance over these funds.

A portion of the Treasury will also be set aside for liquidity. Liquidity will be added on multiple EVM compatible chains, including BSC. This will provide the low friction environment necessary for the optimal player experience and growth.

This fund will be managed by Space Misfits LLC until transitioned to the DAO and subsequent governance vote where CROWN holders will be able to determine future allocations.

As the Treasury grows from marketplace fees, new funds will only be used to distribute rewards for Space Station Ownership Token, Misfit Founder’s Token, and Misfit Support Token holders. The remaining CROWN deposited into the treasury from marketplace fees will not be utilized until the DAO governs the use of the funds.

The treasury will also hold all the JENJ fees generated from NFT transfers(minus continued minting cost). This JENJ can then be used to buyback CROWN off the exchanges.

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