Lifeblood of the Economy


Ever wanted to own your own space station? In Space Misfits Universe you can! There are 56 total space stations in Space Misfits Universe. Each space station is independently owned and operated with their own marketplace and station services. Every station is procedurally generated inside the Proxy solar system. Station owners are in full control of their station controlling features such as taxes, fees and more.

Marketplace The marketplace is the lifeblood of the Space Misfits economy, located on every station and scattered across the vastness of space. This is where players will transact with each other and within their factions. This is where crafters sell their forged items, where grinders sell their minerals and rare items and where market makers will play.


All transactions for items in the marketplace will be conducted with CROWN tokens ($SMCW), the premium in game currency of Space Misfits. A player can visit the marketplace to buy a wide range of crafted ships, modules, turrets and other items they need.


A 5% broker fee will be assessed on all trades in the marketplace and be distributed to the station. A fraction of that percent will also be allocated to Misfit Founder token holders and Misfit Support token holders. Since each transaction in the marketplace is transacted in SMCW, the fee distributed has a real-world value that the owner of the station can claim.

Station Ownership Token

Players who own the Space Station tokens will be entitled to a distribution of the fees that are accumulated in the marketplace. Only when the appropriate reputation and proof-of-work has been achieved will station owners collect these fees. Jade Stems Studios will announce the final allocations for these fees as well as the proof-of-work specifics before the gameplay is launched.

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