Inventory Management and Services

The Hanger

The hanger is the place where players can access their entire inventory inside the station and where all ships, turrets, modules, resources and other items that the player owns inside that station are stored.

  • Repair services are available in the hanger for a player to repair their ships from the damage they receive in space. Damage fees are paid in BITS and will be BURNT upon collection.

  • Each ship must be fueled. Fuel costs BITS and it is paid in the hanger and will also be BURNT.

  • Each space station has a hanger. Players must pay fees to store their items in the hanger. The more items stored in the hanger the more they have to pay in BITS to store their items. Payment is made daily for each hanger their items are stored in and the BITS will be BURNT.

  • If a player becomes indebted to a hanger they will be unable to recover their items till that debt is paid. If a player becomes inactive for a certain amount of time their inactivity will cause their fees to accumulate. A player can decide to sell their items in the hanger to recoup their BITS to pay for outstanding storage fees from the hanger.

  • Hanger also manages the equipping of ships. A player can buy items in the marketplace and equip their items on the ship they purchase. Players can install and remove their items from the ship and manage all their items in the hanger.

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