Bio-Tech Clones

Droids and Avatars

Space can be lonely and Droids can act as clones that can assist the player in a wide range of tasks inside Space Misfits. Players can acquire these droids through the shop or in the ENJIN marketplace. Droids will be limited in supply and will play a vital role inside the player's ships and on land in FPS mode. Some droids might perform the role as a gunner inside a ship improving weapon systems while other droids might improve inflight ship repair or shield maintenance. On land you will assume the Avatar of your droid when doing battle in First Person Shooter mode. Much more to come about this in the future!

NFT Droid holders will have the ability craft droids with BITS and material and sell them in the marketplace like other craftable assets. Droids will also offer similar one time use capability as other NFT blueprints in the future and will be able to be purchased for CROWN tokens. These copies will be one-time use and will only come when the player base warrants this expansion.

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