Game Concepts

Core Concepts of the Game Space Misfits

The current core concept of Space Misfit consists of the following gameplay mechanics each bringing its own unique style and level of gameplay.

  • Space Flight and Dogfighting

  • Mining Minerals

  • NPC Hunting (PVE)

  • Player vs. Player (PVP)

  • Crafting and Building

  • Fleet Development

  • Crew Management

  • Job Management

  • Tactical Planning

  • Resource Management

  • Known and Unknown Space Exploration

  • Stations, Planets and Large Ships Gameplay

  • First Person Shooter (FPS) Mode

Through these modes, players will be able to access various scenarios through different perspectives and gameplay styles. Progression is a big focus of the game that will require bravery and risk to maximize the outcome.

All players will bring their blockchain assets and start out as a lonely survivor, battling to stay alive and trying to reach the status of more powerful and experienced Misfit. Maybe you will be the one to build your own fleet and reach systems no one else has dared to venture into!

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