The Evolution of the Game

Space Misfits is developed with progression based on seasons rather than a traditional linear game with a clear start and end. The idea is to build the foundational game and let the community drive what each subsequent season will include beyond the planned development roadmap, the hope is to see this turn Space Misfits into a fun and sustainable, player-driven world of storytelling and lore created by each of YOU.

To get things going we have laid out the following season plans:

Season 1 - Survive:

This season focuses on the independent development of each Misfit, trying to survive, build their own fleet, pilot the best ships and establish dominance in current systems and progress to new goals and achievements and will be delivered through additional Rogue releases. This will include the NFT exchange, player to play (p2p) market, ship, turret, module and parts forging and telemetry implementation. The King Station is still our only home for now…

In order to complete this season, the factions could potentially have to accomplish a common goal before progressing to the next season. What will be the challenge? Hopefully, we find out soon!

Season 2 - Team-Up:

Now our solar system is no longer such an inhospitable place and is even beginning to grow! The Orion Misfits have made these systems a hospitable eco-system which has made it a very lucrative area for visitors new and old alike. The Misfits will need to come together to defend their resources and keep them secure. Player-generated events will commence rewarding Misfits with NFT rewards and prizes to those who participate and win.

Season 3 - Discover:

By this time the 7 systems have now exposed themselves and are now a thriving ecosystem continuing to expand into the universe. It’s now time for the Orion Misfits to branch out and this season will open up space exploration and the ability to discover new worlds along through additional station and planetary interactions. This season will also open player vs player engagement and will result in the further distribution of game assets across the Metaverse.

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