Progression through Player Drive Content


Factions are a big part of the gameplay and progressions. Players will have the ability to choose which factions they want to explore. Each faction provides different stat boosts. For example one faction might improve turret damage while other factions improve armor and shield hitpoints.

The initial rollout will be 3 different factions a player can choose. Each faction will provide a different bonus when players win their Faction’s Powerplay. Players will be able to choose their faction and decide which bonuses they want their characters to focus on.


In order to obtain these bonuses, a player must participate in the Powerplay. The Powerplay is a daily mission a player must complete. It could be a mission to save a hostage in space or mine specific materials and bring it to the station. Every time a player completes a powerplay it will count towards points in the faction powerplay. The faction that receives the most points will win that powerplay and the players in that faction will receive their bonuses.


As a player progresses through the powerplay and earns their bonuses they will progress through in levels. A player can eventually level up in a faction. The higher the player’s level is the bigger the bonus a player will receive.

Switching Factions

A player can switch factions when they want. When a player switches factions they will lose all progress they made in the previous faction and all bonuses.

Additional Earned Points

Players will also have the ability to use Telemetry they earn in the game to convert to faction points. For example, a faction might require 100 Telemetry to complete a mission. A player will have the ability to convert their telemetry to complete the mission which pushes the powerplay forward.

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