Company Tokens

Ownership and Governance

Another token players can earn in-game or purchase in the marketplace are ownership tokens of companies inside Space Misfits. Players who own these particular tokens will be able to earn in-game fees from various services inside Space Misfits only when providing the proof of work necessary which will be announced later. Ownership Tokens are one of the best ways for players to increase their BITS earning potetial.

As a holder, you will have voting rights that you will have certain controls over the company. Every company in Space Misfits will provide different services or products. As a token holder, you will have voting rights to decide on specific company directions whether it’s introducing a new product, pricing, and services.

Company Share Ownership Distribution

There will be a total supply of 100,000 tokens for each company. Companies will operate in their specific regions in space. The first initial companies will have overall market share over the 7 systems and as the universe inside Space Misfits expands new companies will form claiming market share over these new systems.Company Share Ownership Distribution

6% of the total supply of tokens will be allocated to Misfit Founders Token holders

Fees will be distributed evenly to all company holders.

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