First Person Survival and Reward


Disembark will be a release that introduces First Person Shooter (FPS) combat into Space Misfits. In this mode, players could compete by boarding abandoned ships inside Excursion and looting for resources and other treasures. Players will have to engage in NPC combat along with fighting other players to progress and then choose to Disembark through timed events spread across the Space Misfits universe.

Players will enter the Excursion zone at a specific time and must locate the abandoned ship inside the zone. Once the player locates the abandoned ship the player will deploy their Bio-Tech droid to enter the ship. The player will become the Bio-Tech Droid to have full control over the droid to enter. The Droid is equipped with a wide range of weapons to defend itself against other NPC and players.

Disembark is also part of the powerplay where players’ performance inside Disembark will go towards their Powerplay. Disembark will be the first time players will be able to use their Bio-Tech Droids in Space Misfits. These droids are Fungible Tokens that were purchased in the pre-sale. Each droid will have various stats and perform differently compared to others. Only combat-related droids will be available in Disembark to use.

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