Space Station Ownership

Lands of Space

As the game continues to evolve, space station ownership token will become ever more important in the larger game economy. These assets resemble other “land” assets except they are in space and come with a huge responsibility. Station owners will share responsibilities of the overall station activities, will be critical in governance and policy decisions and will need to work together to create hospitable environments in hopes to attract many players.

Initially, all station owners will begin their mission on the King Station each getting an individual “pod” where they can get used to their role on such a massive outpost. Over time, additional stations will be introduced and the current station holders will have the opportunity to migrate or try and stay in the King Station. Ranking will be chosen through a proof-of-work leaderboard and the number of stations and release schedules will be announced at a future date.

Space Station Ownership token holders will have their own view into the gameplay where they can manage the most important aspects of these floating cities in space. Expenses, logistics and supply chains will need constant attention ensuring the space station can operate optimally.

Space Station Owners will also collect broker fees in the marketplace in the form of CROWN tokens. Early development and rollout will treat all space station ownership tokens equally, this means all fees are paid to all Space Station ownership token holders equally no matter which station they own. A basic management window will be available to station token holders allowing them to manage their expenses and revenue.

In addition to CROWN fees Space Staion Owners will also receive a portion of BITS spent on services within the station.

Misfit Founder and Misfit Support token holders will also receive a small percent of the total marketplace fees. Just like Station Owners have to complete their proof of work, Founder and Support Token holders will also have to complete proof of work and establish their reputation inside the station that they would like their fees to come from.

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