Game Mechanics

How to Play the Game

Role Playing

Players will be able to choose a wide range of roles inside Space Misfits. Each role will give a player an opportunity to earn BITS they can use to buy in-game assets.

Some of the roles available are miners who harvest minerals from asteroids, builders who craft in-game assets and sell on the market, to NPC hunters who fight in open space and claim the loot. Each role a player plays gives them an opportunity to earn in-game rewards.

Excursions In this game mode, players will embark on excursions in rogue-like gameplay flying through procedurally generated levels. As each level is completed a player must travel through space gates to enter a new system and complete tasks. This gameplay can be completed solo or with other players. The further the player progresses the higher the rewards are. Players must choose to keep progressing through the levels collecting more rewards or abandon their progress to return the rewards they have collected. If a player loses their ship in this game mode, all rewards including their ship will be lost.

PVP Arena

With the rise of the popularity of eSports comes the need to bring eSports inside Space Misfits. Players can place in-game currency wagers on their matches and win other rewards based on their performance in the arena. Up to 5v5 matches are going to be supported inside the player arena. Space Flight Space Misfits is not an ultra-realistic space flight simulator. We are bringing it back to the days when Space games were fast and fun. Players will be able to play a more enjoyable dogfighting experience with either a cockpit view or 3rd person camera view outside the ship. Players will have full control of their ships and be able to execute high-speed maneuvers in space to avoid their enemy’s attacks. Players can use objects such as space asteroids and structures to avoid incoming missiles.

Security Zones

The 7 systems are controlled and protected by the Misfits. Players will have the opportunity to freely PVP in the unexplored space outside the 7 systems in season 3. In order to keep space safe from pirates inside the 7 systems, the Misfits have formed a roving patrol. If a player engages another player inside the 7 systems, Misfit Patrols will seek the attacker out and immediately destroy him. A penalty will be applied to that player and NPC patrol will continue to seek out and destroy it for a specific amount of time. Early development versions have friendly fire blocked and will be impossible to shoot another player character inside Space Misfits. When Season 3 releases new security features and controls will discourage this behavior inside the 7 systems.

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