Proof-of-Work Resource Gathering

Mining is a gameplay mode inside Space Misfits that allows players to harvest resources from asteroids to bring them to the station and sell in the marketplace. Players can equip various mining turrets that can break down asteroids and collect what’s inside, to store in the ship's cargo hold hoping for a safe return to the station.

Asteroids can be found throughout space in the original mining zone and through Excursion. Different asteroids contain different resources and players should choose wisely what to collect. Additional modules will be available in the future for players to be able to locate specific minerals they are looking to mine.

Players must approach asteroids in their ship and engage their mining turrets to extract minerals from the asteroids and store them in their ship. Once they are finished mining a player can take the minerals back into the station and store the minerals in their hanger. Players can use these minerals in the forge along with a blueprint or sell them in the marketplace for CROWN. If you don’t make it back to the station without losing your ship, your cargo, ship, modules and weaponry will be lost.

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