Planet Outpost

Land, Supply and Resource Management

Like Station Ownership, the most ambitious players can own their own land outpost by purchasing a Planet Outpost Token in the Enjin marketplace. Planet outposts will be located outside the 7 systems across the various corners of the galaxy. These outposts will harvest several types of materials and resources including but not limited to: Fuel, Food, Minerals, Water, Precious Metals, Wood, Chemicals and more.

Owners will have to manage the supply chains back to the stations in order to keep crafting and the marketplace fed. Throughout the universe, different resources will be available on given planets and players will need to construct various buildings, plants and holding facilities to store and harvest various resources.

Resource shipments will be done through simulation initially, without actual players physically transporting resources. Player-based constraints will prevent player transportation in the early releases. Once the Space Misfits player base has grown to support it, player-driven transportation will be available.

Planet based Land play is planned to be released in 2022 according to the current roadmap with further development and details to come over time as Space Misfits evolves and more gameplay features are released.

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