Experience and Skill

Telemetry also known as “Hidden Data” are FT’s that are collected all throughout the Space Misfits universe. These assets are ERC1155 tokens with an infinite supply backed by 0.001 JENJ and earned in-game or purchased on the Enjin marketplace. This data is used in the forging process to improve the level quality of ships, weapons and modules. In order for anyone to operate the forge a blueprint is required along with minerals, parts and optional Telemetry.

Telemetry is used in the forge to increase the stat probability of items that are created in the forge using blueprints. Each blueprint requires unique telemetry specific to the asset class and type. For example, the Striker blueprint used to manufacture the Striker fighter ship requires “Striker Telemetry” to build. You must own specific telemetry for a specific ship, weapon or module. This makes collecting telemetry throughout Space Misfits crucial for anyone who wants to build their own ships.

Telemetry unlocks higher levels of each item that is forged from blueprints. Players are free to trade their Telemetry on the open blockchain market and because it is backed by a small amount of Enjin it will always hold a real-world value.

Telemetry can be earned in various game modes inside Space Misfits including but not limited to:

Arena Missions, The Edge, NPC Drops, and Events.

Telemetry Burning mechanisms are currently being developed and more will be released on this later.

Telemetry that is collected in-game must be redeemed in the web app or within the Station directly to mint the FT to the players game wallet.

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