Early Adopters
Risk Takers and Believers
Early adopters have always and will always be part of our success story. Without those who believed in the early vision, Space Misfits would have never succeeded. These early adopters are supporters who came in early, saw the vision of Space Misfits and purchased assets from our store while being evangelists in the community. These funds helped establish enough funding for the early development of Space Misfits.
This fund is to reward those early adopters who saw our potential and decided to purchase our items in our store.
To qualify for this fund you must own the following:
  • Space Station Ownership Token (50% allocation)
  • Planet Ownership Token (30% allocation)
  • Misfit Founders Token (15% allocation)
  • Misfit Support Token (5% allocation)
A total of 6,000,000 tokens will be distributed to these early adopters. 1,948,887 CROWN was distributed throughout 2019 and 2020 to holders and paused due to high Ethereum gas fees. The outstanding distribution will be cliffed for 30 days after TGE and distributed at 10% every 3 months till completely distributed.
Issuance will resume in the future and continue until the fund is empty.
CROWN remaining to be distributed : 4,051,113 CROWN
Token Amount
Total Supply
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