Space Misfits

The Official Space Misfits Whitepaper - Updated - November 3, 2021

Space Misfits

Space Misfits is a space-based, Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG) built with player ownership at its foundation, leveraging the blockchain to ensure everyone is in control of their own assets and can manage them how they see fit.

The Vision

The goal of Space Misfits is to be a unique, immersive and ever-changing world that always creates new experiences and isn’t just a grind fighting unintelligent NPC. The MMO gameplay progression through Seasons with a size, scope and lore that enables incredible future growth and direction. More to come on this later!

Some examples of the many types of events for a Misfit to explore is fighting back specific targets while others deliver fuel in convoys to scarce locations. Invasions through alliance where the most powerful Misfits will have to help fend the doers of evil. Additional expansions of new features, functions and systems will be based on player growth and exploration and will continue to turn up the level of immersion and opportunity.

The game expansion will progress with the lore, factions though being at war can join for common goals, for faster expansion or go solo for tactical advantages.

Conquering new systems and establishing in new bases and planets should be challenging and acquired through community progress, finding clues and star maps through scavenging missions can trigger events and build up the momentum to prepare for each expansion.

The Lore

After the “Great Cataclysm”, the galaxy went quiet…

The citadels collapsed, The Galactic Alliances were destroyed and The Heroes were defeated. The Unknowns had won and quickly the galaxy became theirs… or so they thought…

From the ashes, the rebel group called The Orion Misfits took what little was left of their glorious empire on The Kings Arc and established their station in the far deep regions of the galaxy to reorganize, reestablish and rebuild the long lost empire.

It took 2 generations to create a sustainable empire, able to start taking back the galaxy. After receiving a distress call from a nearby system warning them about unknown armies were getting closer they were finally ready to jump back into their Space Agents suit.

But the unknowns were not the only threat they found in the depths of the galaxy. Internal conflicts started to emerge and so the survivors divided into 2 factions.

The Alliance of the Suns, a fanatic group of Theistic-Scientist led by the High Priest Elen-Go, whom their followers see as the reincarnation of The Creator. His Will is absolute and their captains make sure it’s abided by. They are obsessed with relics and follow a strict code of conduct. They are looking for the “Prisca Materia” a relic said to contain the original seed of life…

The Coalition of Free Systems, a group of factions that grew tired of the oppression and absolutist views of The Alliance of the Sun, so they rebelled from the alliance to forge their own destiny. Due to the mix of views and skills, what they lack in organization they make up in adaptability and adventurelust.

Both factions currently coexist in a constant conflict as they must work together to thrive on BEREDEN. They share the King Station with a mutual no fight zone agreement.

As the signal of BEREDEN grew stronger a new faction appeared to heed warning of the impending danger of the advance of the unknown armies.

The Tuarek Brotherhood, a nomad faction of merchants that use their heavy ships to travel through systems, they roam the galaxy collecting valuables for the trade guild, star maps are very valuable to them as they sail into infinity looking for new trade post, they remain neutral in most conflicts as they provide to all factions.

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