The Right to Create New Assets

In order to craft in-game items such as spaceships and weapon turrets, the player must hold the corresponding Blueprint FT in their ENJIN wallet. The player must also hold the required BITS and in-game materials which will be burned in the crafting process. The crafted items can then be sold on the p2p marketplace for CROWN ($SMCW). Blueprint FTs have no limit on how many items they can be used and can not be destroyed or lost from gameplay. However, the in-game crafted items are destructible.

There is only a limited amount of Blueprint FT’s available in the store and only so many of each asset class will ever be minted. To anticipate the potential for future blueprint constraints and to ensure scalability, blueprint holders will have the opportunity to create one-time copies of their blueprint in a future release. This will be introduced carefully and cautiously and will evolve over time as the economy is studied by the DAO.

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