Galaxy Map

Fleet is currently under development, the information provided is subject to change as it evolves to fit the development needs. We talk about all that will be developed at some point although not everything will be available on the MVP version, so it's essential to check the roadmap to find out the different stages.
The galaxy is made up of 76 Planets divided into four quadrants of 19 planets and 14 space stations each. It has random spawning mining nodes, pirates, and Aurum expeditions where you will send your fleet. Gameplay takes place on these planets where players will develop their Outpost and construct their Fleet. Each Quadrant of the Galaxy has ceratin resources which are more prevalent. So a player's resource production will vary based on the location of their Outpost. To maximise efficiency the player will need to trade with players from other regions of the galaxy. (This resource distribution system will not be in effect in the early releases but once the Galaxy map is available.)
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