Fleet is a browser based sc-fi game set in the year 2189.
The Misfits of King Station have been experimenting with Aurum, which is an unstable compound made up of organic materials and heavy metals typically found near the center of the galaxy. Through this experimentation they’ve accidentally created a Space-Time Storm near the station. Utilizing the Aurum, they’ve now been able to stabilize the storm and create a portal to travel to newly discovered worlds.
Maintaining enough stability in the storm to travel through it requires a massive amount of Aurum. Traveling through the portal also requires newly designed ships and weaponry which utilize Aurum in the manufacturing process. There are untold riches on the other side of this Space-Time portal, so adventurous pilots are inundating King Station to try their hand at exploring this new frontier. King Station began offering a weekly bounty of SMCW for Aurum collectors across the galaxy so they can maintain the portal and manufacture all the necessary gear. Bands of Misfits quickly set up Planetary Outposts across all four Quadrants of the galaxy to harvest Aurum. However, a powerful group of Misfits known as the Olympus Syndicate brokered a deal with King Station to control the Aurum trade and be the sole supplier of Aurum to the station. The business of Aurum extraction and transport is incredibly dangerous but the Syndicate will pay Olympus Syndicate Credits to anyone brave enough to harvest it. The Olympus Syndicate fiercely exerts its political and financial power to control the entire supply of Aurum. Each week the the Syndicate distributes 80% of the SMCW earnings from King Station to its members. However, there are no free rides in the Syndicate. Members must also harvest Aurum themselves, and they are awarded a share of the SMCW earnings based on how much Aurum they collect compared to all other members. Olympus Syndicate members must also pledge SMCW and lock it in the Syndicate treasury to maintain their right to earn a share of the bountiful rewards. The remaining 20% of the SMCW pool is distributed by the Syndicate to the top Aurum harvesters across the galaxy regardless of their membership status.
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