Fleet is currently under development, the information provided is subject to change as it evolves to fit the development needs. We talk about all that will be developed at some point although not everything will be available on the MVP version, so it's essential to check the roadmap to find out the different stages.

In order to buy CROWN there will be two options available, including utilizing the CROWN Shop. By using this option you can make purchases using SMCW. At Fleet launch, each CROWN costs a fixed $0.01, and the required amount of SMCW will dynamically change based on the quantity of CROWN being purchased. The other option for purchasing CROWN will be via credit card through our Xsolla powered game launcher.

Purchasing CROWN with SMCW will give you a 20% discount compared to purchasing via credit card.

When buying CROWN with SMCW, the price of each CROWN is fixed at $0.01, regardless of fluctuations in the value of SMCW. Therefore, the amount of SMCW required to make the transaction changes depending on how many CROWN you want to purchase and the current market value of SMCW. The CROWN Shop tool will automatically calculate the necessary amount of SMCW based on the quantity of CROWN being bought.

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