Collectible NFTs/FTs

Player Owned Gaming
Fleet is currently under development, the information provided is subject to change as it evolves to fit the development needs. We talk about all that will be developed at some point although not everything will be available on the MVP version, so it's essential to check the roadmap to find out the different stages.
Fleet will bring full utility to all Space Misfits NFTs/FTs as it gets updated following our Roadmap. Your collectibles will play an important role in the economy and they will bring special benefits for being a holder. NFTs are utilitzed to deliver a Player Owned freemium game economy. The NFT holders become partners and can earn SMCW from the Freemium purchases made by other players. Many of the freemium purhcases which typically generate revenue for a game studio have been placed in the hands of our NFT holders, either directly or indirectly. To learn about NFT BP ownership rights check the Player Marketplace section.

Planets (PoT)

Planet owners will receive an SMCW reward based on the CROWN spent by players on their Outpost development. This includes constructing new buildings, upgrading facilities, and speeding up construction.

Olympus Syndicate Memeberships (OSM)

80% of the weekly Aurum rewards pool is designated for Olympus Syndicate members only. To earn a share of SMCW from this pool the player must hold an Olympus Syndicate NFT in their linked wallet and Plege SMCW each week. In the future, the player will be able to upgrade their membership to delegate additional players to harvest Aurum on their behalf, increasing their Aurum harvest and their share of the rewards pool.

Space Stations (SSoT)

If you are a SSoT holder you will be receiving a percenage of all Blockchain Marketplace fees. *King Station will recieve special benefits to be disclosed.

Misfit Founder Tokens (MFT)

If you are a MFT holder you will be receiving a percenage of all Blockchain Marketplace fees.

Misfit Support Tokens (MST)

If you are a MST owner you will be receiving a percenage of all Blockchain Marketplace fees.

Commander Blueprints

Owning an NFT Commander Blueprint gives the holder exclusive rights to create Clones of that specific Commander. The player can then use the Clone in game or Mint the Clone as an NFT to sell on the blockchain marketplace.

Ship and Turret Blueprints

Owning a ship NFT Blueprint will allow you to craft them instantly with a discount on the BITS cost.
If you don't own the NFT Blueprint, you will still be able to craft although you will need to wait the processing time or pay CROWN to craft instantly. Only ship Blueprint holders will have the ability to mint the crafted ship as an NFT in order to sell the ships on the blockchain marketplace, non holders will be able to craft them but not mint them.

Moon Labs Shares

Moon Labs Corporation deals in both the Cloning and Fuel industry. Share holders will earn an SMCW reward based on all the CROWN spent on Minting Clones as NFTs. The fuel reward for Moon Labs holders is yet to be determined.
As all FTs/NFTs will be used in Fleet, you may need to check the roadmap and find when they will be implemented.
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