Social Trading
You're not alone in Space Misfits, as in every MMO there're other players willing to trade with you, if you meet other Misfits out there you may be finding good deals that fit your needs, but how ?
Well, start by joining our Discord Channel ! There you can find our special trading section
First, select the "#join-for-trading" channel and accept the guidelines/rules, you'll need to press the Crown emoji
to enter. We want you to join a secure environment, although trades made outside the provided game platforms are out of our control and you may find situations that we can't help you handle. That said, if you follow our guidelines/rules and advice, everything will be ok.
Remember there're different ways to find different items in the game, you can use the Ingame Marketplace, P2P Trading WebApp and Marketplace WebApp or find other users meeting them at Social Trading.
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