The Space Agent

The Space Agent is a location inside each space station that has several very specific purposes. First, it is where your own private space exists and depending on your role in the station might be more than just a bunk. The second purpose for the Space Agent is to decide what mode of the game you would like to play and where to take your next adventure!
Players can choose to enter different excursion zones, mining zones and other travel areas soon to include other solar systems!.
One last purpose of the Space Agent is to ensure the appropriate security access to enter different modes and realms of the game.
You can find the Space Agent at the Space Station.
Press "F" key to activate it.
You can now see the Space Agent panel, let's see what's inside:
At the left panel, you can select your Space Ship (remember you can craft your own ships at the Forge), you'll need to select one Space Ship and check that the Space Ship is allowed within the zone you want to enter (make sure you have used the Hangar first to equip your weapons first), you can also see Fuel and Damage, 1 (means full) 0 (means none) this way you can notice if your Ship needs Fuel or Repair before using it. To Re-Fuel or Repair your ship, go to the Hangar.
On your right panel, you can select the zone, it has some other info available, for example, you can see the required ship to enter, the difficulty of the zone and the Minerals/resources you can find.
Remember, there are zones that will need you to buy special access codes from the Ingame Marketplace. Also, some zones could be revealed when increasing your reputation lvl with the available factions.
Select the ship and the zone, and then click the "Go Ahead" button to enter.
You can now follow the Rogue Incursions guide to understand how to explore the area.