๐Ÿ‘‘Buy Testing tCROWN

If you have claimed Testing SMCW, you can use the CROWN Shop to buy some CROWN if you have not claimed it yet, please follow this guide to claim it. To learn more about the CROWN Shop please read more here in Fleet's GitBook. To buy Testing CROWN, Fleet's testing premium currency, you need an account and sign-in to the testing website. To create an account or learn how to sign in to the testing website, please follow this guide.

After you sign in to the testing website, there are many ways you can access the CROWN Shop. You can access using this link or clicking the top right CROWN Shop link where it shows your available CROWN, or through the internal menu. Testing CROWN Shop access link: https://sm3.testing.spacemisfits.com/user/crown/

You will see that the Testing CROWN Shop detects your Testing SMCW meaning that now you can purchase Testing CROWN.

Wait for the transaction to be confirmed on the blockchain.

After it is confirmed, the browser will refresh and show your purchased Testing CROWN.

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