๐Ÿ’ŽHow to Play & Earn

One of the key features that sets Space Misfits Fleet apart from other Play & Earn games is that there's no initial investment required to participate. Our games are designed to be enjoyable and profitable for all players, regardless of whether they choose to invest or not. Our players have the chance to Play & Earn through engaging gameplay experiences. However, we want to make it clear that this is not investment advice, as playing to earn involves inherent risks, much like any other form of gaming or investment opportunity. When you choose to participate in our Play & Earn games, you acknowledge the associated Terms and Conditions during account creation. The success rate in trading ingame goods is not guaranteed and depends on various factors such as market demand, supply, and other players' skills. While we offer unique Play & Earn opportunities at Space Misfits Fleet, it's crucial to approach them in an informed and responsible manner, as playing to earn involves inherent risks.

Play & Earn in Space Misfits - Fleet

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on how to maximize your earnings playing Fleet. Whether you're just starting or a seasoned player, we have several tips and tricks that can help you make the most of your time in Fleet. So, let's dive in!

Fleet Leaderboard

If your goal is to earn in Fleet, then climbing the leaderboard should be your top priority. To succeed in this challenge, you'll need to progress in the game and compete against other players. By achieving a higher rank on the leaderboard, you'll be guaranteed a percentage of the rewards from the pool that is distributed at the end of the leaderboard period.

It's important to note that members of the Olympus Sindicate with an active SMCW pledge will still be able to earn rewards simply by participating in the Fleet events, regardless of their rank on the leaderboard. However, the more Aurum they collect, the better their rewards will be.

Goods Trading

In Fleet, you can trade your gathered goods with other players to take on the role of a trader, supplying resources and items such as ships or clone commanders. Firstly, by utilizing the NFT Gateway, you can export your earned in-game goods from Fleet. Then, you have the option to trade these resources with other players via the Player Marketplace, or by participating in peer-to-peer (P2P) trades within our Discord community's dedicated channels.

In Fleet, resources are particularly essential and not always readily accessible for all players. For example, Crelyte is farmed by playing Mayhem, consequently, buying goods from other traders can be a practical alternative for individuals who lack sufficient time to earn all the resources they require themselves. As a result, becoming a trusted trader and consistently supplying high-quality products at competitive prices can improve your reputation within the community, potentially securing repeat business and recommendations from satisfied customers, enabling you to grow your clientele.

Asset Ownership

In Space Misfits, players have the opportunity to earn SMCW tokens through various sources of assets. The whitepaper provides comprehensive information regarding these assets and their potential returns. Some examples include NFTs, such as Space Stations, Planets, Founder, and Supporter tokens, as well as a variety of NFT Blueprints.

Owning an NFT Blueprint offers unique advantages, including exclusive exporting privileges through the NFT Gateway and the ability to create clone commanders at significantly lower costs in specific scenarios. The whitepaper provides detailed information on all available assets, including their benefits, fees, and earning potential, which can help players make informed decisions regarding their investments.

By familiarizing yourself with these options, you'll be able to optimize your earnings and take full advantage of the unique features offered by Space Misfits. With such a diverse range of assets available, there's something for everyone, whether you're looking to maximize your income or prioritize cost savings.


If you hold many NFTs but you don't have too much time to play, you can let others to use them for you while you still hold them, you can let other user use your Altura Guard code to connect your wallet to their accounts and they will benefit from your NFTs while you can ask for a share of the rewards. In Space Misfits, holding multiple NFTs doesn't necessarily mean you have to devote all your time to playing the game. With our unique feature, you have the option to grant other users permission to use your Altura Guard codes and connect their wallets to your account. By doing so, these players will benefit from the assets you possess while you continue to hold them.

In return, you can request a share of the rewards they earn as a result of using your NFTs. This feature offers unparalleled flexibility, allowing you to reap the benefits of your investment without requiring a significant time commitment. Whether you're looking for an additional source of income or wish to monetize assets that you don't currently have the time to use yourself, this option provides a practical solution while ensuring that you still maintain ownership of your NFTs.


At Space Misfits, we understand that cooperation and collaboration are essential components of any successful space adventure. That's why we encourage our players the option to build or join guilds, where they can work together to achieve shared goals.

By teaming up with other like-minded individuals, you not only get access to a wealth of knowledge and expertise but also have the opportunity to share resources and learn more about the game as a whole. This synergy can lead to improved gameplay experiences and potentially more lucrative trading opportunities with other guild members.

Moreover, joining or forming a guild can be an incredibly rewarding experience, as it fosters a sense of community and shared purpose among its members. Through communal efforts, you can conquer missions that might otherwise seem daunting, which not only promotes social cohesion but also yields valuable rewards.

Special Events

We go above and beyond for our community by hosting exciting events where you can earn more. From large reward bundles to rare and coveted NFTs, there's always something exclusive waiting for you. Don't miss out on these opportunities to collect or trade these valuable items as you play and earn in our games! We believe in providing our players with maximum flexibility and choice, which is why we're committed to constantly innovating and expanding our game's features to better meet their needs. If you'd like more information about any other aspect of our game, please don't hesitate to reach out to us via our Discord Community or Telegram Community. We're always eager to answer your questions and provide guidance to help you get the most out of Space Misfits!

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