✨NFT/FT Discord Roles

Some of your collectible NFTs/FTs have a special role in Discord too, these roles will give you special access to private rooms, giveaways, Discord features for holders and also tweak your nickname into a different color/icon showing your support and collection.

Currently, MFT, MST, PoT, SSoT, ML or a Mark of the Alpha Class, NFTs/FTs have their own linked role in our Discord Community, here's the guide to show you how you can get them automatically by just linking your Enjin Wallet and Discord.

Here’s how you can activate NFT Roles on Discord:

Go to the Discord #nft-roles-link channel (if you haven't yet, you can join our Discord channel in the following link: https://discord.gg/space-misfits-560969562753859585 and make sure you verify your account by clicking the following emoji if you're new to the Discord community).

Access the Discord #nft-roles-link channel:

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