Olympus Syndicate Membership

As explained in Fleet whitepaper (please refer to the whitepaper to find the updated information): Each week there will be a pool of SMCW rewards which will be distributed to the Olympus Syndicate Membership NFT holders and non holders for the Aurum that is delivered to King Station. The Syndicate distributes 80% of the SMCW rewards to its members and 20% to top Aurum harvesters regardless of membership status. Distribution of SMCW is based on how much Aurum the player harvests that week compared to other players. Aurum is harvested by sending the fleet on dangerous missions. 80% of the weekly Aurum rewards pool is designated for Olympus Syndicate Members (OSM) only. To earn a share of the SMCW rewards designated for OSM members a player must hold an OSM NFT in their linked wallet and have an active deposit of SMCW Collateral in the pledge pool during the weekly snapshot.
To join the Olympus Syndicate, you'll need an OSM (Olympus Syndicate Membership) NFT held in your game account linked wallet, and an active pledge of SMCW tokens pledged through the same wallet. The minimum requirements can be found in your Fleet outpost dashboard as well as in the Pledge pool information. There are two different types of OSM holders in Fleet - OSM holders and Active OSM holders. A user becomes an OSM holder simply by holding the OSM Non-fungible Token (NFT). On the other hand, if a person holds the OSM NFT and has pledged the minimum required SMCW amount in the Pledge Pool, they become an Active OSM Holder.
If you need to obtain an OSM NFT you can learn how to purchase items in the Player Marketplace marketplace here. If you already have an OSM NFT, you will need to link the wallet where you hold it to your Fleet account, learn how to link your wallet here. You will need to pledge with the linked wallet, the required minimum amount of SMCW tokens in the Pledge Pool in order to activate it for an OSM participation in the leaderboard. For more details about the Pledge Pool, check this guide.
Remember that there will be a snapshot of the Pledge Pool every Sunday starting at 23:59 UTC (it will take a few minutes to complete). In order to participate as an Active OSM holder for the coming week leaderboard, you will need to achieve the required minimum pledge amount before then. If you remove your pledge after the snapshot, it won't affect your OSM status for the already started weekly leaderboard as the snapshot was already completed. However, you will still need to have your pledge ready for the next Sunday snapshot if you want to maintain your Active OSM holder status.
After linking your wallet containing an OSM NFT, your account should detect it. Sign into Fleet, go to the Dashboard view, and find the minimum required pledge info. Here's an example of what it will look like if you own an OSM NFT and it gets detected after linking your wallet, but haven't reached the minimum pledged SMCW tokens required amount yet (the icon will appear red.) Remember that after pledging SMCW tokens to the Pledge Pool, it may take a while for them to update. Refresh the browser afterwards to see the changes.
If you've successfully pledged the minimum required amount, the 'minimum required pledge' information will display a green icon and a highlighted border.