๐ŸคŒTestNet Claim tSMCW/tBNB

Please note that the testing token is solely for the purpose of testing and does not hold any monetary value. It cannot be exchanged on any platform. The development team reserves the right to generate a new testing token if necessary.

In order to interact with Testing SMCW (tSMCW), you will need tBNB for gas fees, it's totally free and you can claim it through a faucet.

Fleet's (BNB Testnet Testing SMCW) contract: 0xa76B12e38aFb4dB0dce599693B85F64933B9aE42 Testing SMCW Request: Please, in order to claim SMCW testing token, send us a ticket through our Testing Discord support tickets, to access the Testing Discord, please follow the "how to participate guide".

Send us your BNB Testnet address there and our support team will manually send you the Testing tokens in the following hours.

To learn how to import this testing token into your MetaMask wallet please follow MetaMask guide.

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