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๐Ÿ”— Here you have a full list of our official links:

As a reminder, our administrators will not initiate contact with you via a private message on either Discord or Telegram unless you have previously contacted us through one of these channels. If you receive an unsolicited private message claiming to be from one of our admins, please do not respond and instead reach out to us through the official support channels listed above. Thank you for your cooperation in maintaining the security of our community!

Social community chat networks:

Discord Telegram (you can find our language communities at Telegram by joining and typing /group)

Website Whitepaper Download Login / Register Space Misfits NFT Webshop


MainNet Collection (BNB Chain) Fleet Collection: https://marketplace.spacemisfits.com/fleet Mahyem Collection: https://marketplace.spacemisfits.com/space-misfits-mayhem Space Misfits Collection: https://marketplace.spacemisfits.com

Attention: Enjin NFTs do not have any utility, all Enjin NFTs were minted on BNB Smart chain following our transition from Enjin to BNB Chain. Do not trade any collectible NFT/FT on Enjin as they have no utility. Related announcements: https://spacemisfits.com/news/transition-mainnet-updates/ https://spacemisfits.com/news/minting-update/

$SMCW Crown token:

๐Ÿ“ Our $SMCW Contract address: 0xb2ea51BAa12C461327d12A2069d47b30e680b69D

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